Karen was a self taught artist during her formative years, filling sketch books with drawings, painting, writing music, playing guitar, making stained glass… She was influenced by her mother, an art teacher, who provided her with all the art supplies she could use and suggested she give it a try.

Finally she decided to make a career of art and design and applied to attend NSCADU. After graduating with her Bachelor of Design, she founded Graphic Design Halifax and started painting from her home studio.

Her paintings have been sold at La Maison d’Art, Argyle Fine Art, The Lunenburg Art Gallery, Secord Gallery and Art Sales & Rentals at The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, as well as at various art auctions and fundraisers.

Her style of painting is minimalist and often consists of layer upon layer of thoughtfully placed medium creating a surface that is in itself the focal point.

Her recent series, a departure from her earlier semi-abstract red florals, is inspired by a gallery of photos she has created with her compilation of thousands of photos of every day life collected over 15 to 20 years, the large majority having connections to the sky, the sun and the sea.