Karen was a self taught artist during her earlier years, filling sketch books with drawings, painting, writing music, playing guitar, making stained glass… She was influenced by her mother, an art teacher, who provided her with all the art supplies she could use and suggested she give it a try.

Finally she decided to make a career of art and design and applied to attend Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. She studied for two years in the Bachelor of Arts program, concentrating on drawing, painting and art history, and then studied design for her final two years. After graduating with her Bachelor of Design, she founded Graphic Design Halifax and started painting from her home studio.

Her paintings have been sold privately as well as at La Maison d’Art, Argyle Fine Art, The Lunenburg Art Gallery, Secord Gallery and Art Sales & Rentals at The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, as well as at various art auctions and fundraisers.

Her style of painting is minimalist and often monochromatic.

Her recent work, a departure from her earlier large, semi-abstract, often passionate red florals, is a work in progress and development for the long run. After years of exploring and being conflicted by different subjects, styles, colours (and wanting to paint them all!) and thousands of sources of inspiration, she continues to explore.

One of her recent series of turquoise paintings currently on display on the website were an explorative series inspired by a gallery of thousands of photos she has taken over the last 15-20 years with a strong connection to the sky and the sea. The turquoise series then lead to a series of an even heavier water-based application of acrylic in florals.

Karen’s new colour palette has softened with time to include pinks and turquoise blues mixed in with some bolder orange/pink/yellow combinations, and are a new source of excitement for her and allow plenty of room to be varied, but yet within the same realm.

Her new painting technique of choice is also a departure from her previous abundance of saturated colours on layer after layer of a dry-brush application. She now has a much more fluid approach and sometimes translucent acrylic application that often includes plenty of water!

Her paintings are available in a variety of sizes from small, medium and large to colossal! Her smaller explorations, some as small as 4″ x 6″ are framed and matted. She paints on Mixed Media Paper, Gallery Canvas as well as other canvases and what ever materials she feels might work for the sought-after aesthetic. Her mixed media may include pencil, acrylic paint, chalk, indian ink, and charcoal sticks and often retains some elements of the process whether it be pencil or chalk.

Karen is incorporating her work into various mediums other than art-for-the-wall and plans to use her florals on wearable art and on household decor products that can be used to integrate unique artistic products and textures into the household.