By age fifteen Karen was a self-taught artist who explored many different mediums from playing and writing music, and filling sketch pads with drawings, to making stained glass windows and painting. Eclectic by nature, one interest was not enough.

She was influenced early on by her mother Gloria MacLeod, Dalhousie/NSCAD alumni and art teacher in Halifax, who supplied her with canvases, paints and paintbrushes and encouraged her to give it a try.

With a background in sales, account management and finance, and lots of customer service training, Karen has spent many-a-day in boardrooms day-dreaming, doodling and wishing she was designing forms, instead of filling them out. Finally she decided to combine her business background with her love of art and design, and make a full time career out of it.

After completing her Bachelor of Design degree at NSCADU she started exploring fine art and design and formed Karen Gaudet Graphic Design, which five years later became Graphic Design Halifax. She still plays an active roll in each and every design project, whether as designer or art director, and paints from her home studio.

Her paintings have been sold at Argyle Fine Art, Secord Gallery and Art Sales & Rentals Gallery at The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. She currently has artwork on exhibit at THE HUB GALLERY: VANS IN THE HUB. The Hub is located upstairs at 1673 Barrington Street in Halifax, NS.

Ö visit Karenís online gallery at

Karenís style in both art and design is minimalist and simple. Her design philosophy? Less is more. She loves to learn, loves to do new things, thrives on change and continually keeps herself updated on the latest technology in the ever-changing environment of design.


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